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  • 18/01/04 Europe and the 3th World (di G. Brindisi, http://www.strategiaglobale.com)

  • Guerra Terrorismo
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  • Tutti i Temi
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    The implosion of the Soviet empire has changed the political geography of the World. Later 50 years of Europe among East and West you/he/she is passed to Europe between North and South of the World.
    A look to the map here above, where the armed conflicts are underlined in action, it makes clear that Europe is baricenter of the World Geo-politic. It confines where with the area the Problems of the World they are dramatic. The area of the War, of the hunger, of the illnesses, of the thirst, of the political instability. of the inside wars, of the Islamic integralismo, of the illiteracy, of the terrorism, in short, the infernal area to whose entry above a great door is carved above a great door the verses danteschi: "For me of it the aching city is gone, for me of it the eternity pain is gone, for me it is gone among the lost people. […]. You leave every hope you that entrances". (Song III, vv. 1-9).
    E' also, however, the area of the mining and oil wealths, particularly. USA preserve strangles him/it border with the outskirts of the hell: Latin America, where the economic problems predominate and of development.
    The central position of Europe makes some Countries that compose it, the crossroad and the base of the trafficis of weapons, drug, clandestine of the immigration, of human life destined to the exploitation, to the sexual slavery, to the feeding of the organs for the transplantation. è, estremamente ovvio che l'Europa quanto prima sarà investita massicciamente dai mali dell'Inferno del Terzo Mondo.
    The only possibility is a general mobilization, a plain Marshall for the Third World. It imposes it reason and the feeling. Instead the European Countries, discuss as the Senate Romano while Sagunto was conquered and destroyed.
    The European Country more exposed is Italy, baricenter of the baricenter border of the border of Europe.
    In front of the European sloth it is not been able whether to be astounded. Europe is perceived by the world as a boxer suonato.Divisa among Americanism and antiamericanismo, had been poisoning for 50 years of political hate, frogged from the rooted apparent irrationality and incarnita in the populations of the South, prefers the guilty inaction to the not procastinabile unity politica.L'Italia it is the mirror of Europe. It's tried by the new one but paralysed by the old one. Deluded by leopards that they fake to bring changes not to change. Debates are not even opened on you deduce vital as to take a rout and to maintain her/it. You discute.All is accuse everybody. The government the judges, these the government, the political ones the technicians as Fazio, Fazio the government, the strikers the Labor unions, the Labor unions the workers that strike and, as in the joke of the visit of Franceschiello to the Neapolitan Fleet "to the cry Move!, those that are to bow jump to stern, those that are to stern jump to bow, those that am above they go down under, those that am under they climb above ...in way that all are moved and nobody does nothing" ext.

  • Guerra Terrorismo
  • Tutti i Temi Archivio
  • Tutti i Temi
  • Pagina Petrolio
  • Pagina 11 Settembre
  • Ricerca personalizzata

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