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  • 04/02/2006 War USA-Terrorism: Neutrality, Isolationism or Interventionism?  (Giusbrin)

  • Guerra Terrorismo
  • Tutti i Temi Archivio
  • Tutti i Temi
  • Pagina Petrolio
  • Pagina 11 Settembre
  • Ricerca personalizzata

    The Islamic wars (Afghanistan, Iraq) they see protagonists direct USA and Allied by a part and Integralisti Islamici by the other. Israel is the most important indirect protagonist. The fundamental cause of the Islamic wars is the permanent conflittualità Israel-palastnese-integralisti Islamic.   

    There is who, condemning the politics USA of the preventive wars, he/she affirms that USA have to retire himself/herself/themselves from Iraq, or even, to return to the isolationism which resorted to the beginning of last century.   

    Who proposes the political inversion? The Antiamericanis, the usual enemies of the west. Because they do him/it?   

    To this question Machiavelli responds "And it will always intervene that he who are not friend it will seek you of what friend is you you/he/she will require you that you scuopra with the armes. And ache resoluti begins them to run away periculi it is present, they follow el more than the times that neutral street, and they for the most part ruin. But, when el prince him scuopre strongly for a part, if the one with whom you stick you it wins, still that I/you/he/she am powerful and that you remain to his/her discretion, elli has teco obligo, and it is you contracted the love; and them men are never yes deceitful, that with so much esemplo of ingratitude you opprimessino."   

    Apart the fact that USA have directly been attached to the heart on September 11, the invitation to America to retire himself/herself/themselves it is improponibile both politically, both strategically, both he/she morally anchors. Were they able the United States lasciar you free the Arabs to destroy Israel? Which credibility would you/they have expressed to their allies and to the world?  What would it now happen if withdrew him?   

    They would give the victory to the terrorism and the Integralistis Islamici with lethal consequences for the humanity. we find Us in front of the most sinister irrationality: to impose with suicide-stragismo the religious integralismo to the whole Arabic world and, then, to all the infidels.   

    Illnesses as the crab don't take care of him with the aspirin but with definite surgical interventions.     

    The withdrawal of USA would create a void of power. Who would fill him/it?   

    The Antiamericanis have opiated their reason. 

  • Guerra Terrorismo
  • Tutti i Temi Archivio
  • Tutti i Temi
  • Pagina Petrolio
  • Pagina 11 Settembre
  • Ricerca personalizzata

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