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  • 29/03/2006 To interpret the War in Iraq (GiuBrin)

  • Guerra Terrorismo
  • Tutti i Temi Archivio
  • Tutti i Temi
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  • Pagina 11 Settembre
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    The war in Iraq is still chronicle; it will become history among many decades. It is possible however to put together the facts to develop a trial validity acceptable inferenziale. In synthesis, we try to understand (to put together, for the note).   

    End years 80, beginning years 90 

    The Wall falls and collapses the Soviet empire. Enthusiasms, fears and worries are born, not to speak of the communists of house ours that I/you/they are mercilessly bared by the Historical truth, if not ridiculed.   

    Enthusiasms for the one who has won the Cold War (Anglo-Saxon Area particularly). Worry for France and Germany that you/they see redoubt his/her own liberty of manoeuvre to realize Europe United to French or German leadership. Enthusiasm, anchor, for Israel that owed, to every war with the Arabs, to destroy the Soviet armaments furnished to his/her own irreducible enemies.  

    The Containment USA stops existing for the disappearance of the communists to contain. You began the advancement of the American tide in the Soviet's substitution swallowed by the abysses of the collapse of the empire in Moscow. 

    Of it ago the expenses suffered Milosevich destined to disappear as Noriega. Poor Milosewich, instead of the prize nobel for its theories on the Ethnic Cleaning, will miserably die in a Dutch jail.   

    L11 September, the Islamic terrorists, terrorized by the inversion of the flow of the tide, they attach USA..   

    USA invade Afghanistan talebano, they attach, they dethrone and they put also in the jail Saddam Hussein   

    America sets out to realize the New World Order.   

    Bin Laden as Yamamoto to Pearl Harbour, have wakened up a giant that slept. 

  • Guerra Terrorismo
  • Tutti i Temi Archivio
  • Tutti i Temi
  • Pagina Petrolio
  • Pagina 11 Settembre
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