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  • 25/07/2006 Conflict Israel - Lebanon. The true causes of the conflict Israel - Hezbollah (Giuseppe Brindisi, http://www.strategiaglobale.com)

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    Hezbollah, (God's party), it is a political-military formation sciita of Lebanon that wants to establish an Islamic republic. It is born in the first years 80, supported by the Islamic extremism.

      This armed party, whose members are more than 5.000, is subsidized and trained from Iran.

      The Hezbollahs are assembled in the slumses of the south in Beirut and in the valley of Biqa (Bekaa).

      They operate with strategy and tactic terrorists.

      In October 1983, in Lebanon - it is torn from bloody civil war - a smiling terrorist, to the guide of an auto it makes him explode in the zone of the airport. 241 American marineses of the multinational strength of peace Die of which is Italian contingent parteil commanded by the well With the. Angioni.. they are the first Islamic attacks to the Usa.

      The Hezbollahs are a party armed terrorist, analogous to that of the talebanis. 

      Iran finances them, it arms them and it politically supports them; as many ago Syria.

      The armament of their armed strength is also constituted by heavy offensive weapons as missiles and artilleries. 

      I am a serious danger for Israel, for the peace and for the same they sip, governed by moderate strengths. 

      I am a formation of Islamic terrorist fanatics cge from over one decade it strikes USA with bloody attacks against the American embassies in the middle east, in africa, in smaller asia.

      In synthesis their elimination would benefit to Israel, of which I/you/they am a thorn in the side, to USA for the contrast to the political antiamericane and proterroristica of Iran. and it would benefit, finally, to the same fotmazionis politicge moderated that currently gobernano Lebanon.

      These the true causes of the conflict in the south of Lebanon

      The abduction of the Israeli soldiers is the "beautiful casus."


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